Vintage Flower Girl Dresses

Vintage Flower Girl Dresses

According to the latest report, vintage flower girl dresses are becoming more and more popular during the last few years. As we know, vintage is an antiquate style but has modern feel and is classic. Here are some tips you should notice when you choose the vintage dresses if you want to make your wedding have a vintage look.

vintage style flower girl dresses

When we talk about the color of the vintage flower girl dresses, light and pastel colors such as beige, off-white and ivory might be much better. Vintage dresses in these colors will not only make the tones like vintage, but also mimic the bride’s. If you don’t like the colors we mentioned above, there are still some other pastel colors you could select. Vintage style flower girl dresses in green, pink, yellow and blue will also look lovely and are suitable in any season.

vintage inspired flower girl dresses

Which vintage dress can create the ultimate vintage look? The answer is absolutely the lace ivory vintage inspired flower girl dresses. Lace fabric can easily create a shabby fashionable image. Add some accessories like brooch embellishments, bows and sashes to the dress can make a classic look for the flower girls. What’s more? Vintage hair accessories are also important for you to consider. Hair pins, small hats with veils and antique combs are surely to make the flower girls look cute and vintage.

vintage flower girl dresses uk

We can find out the classic element of vintage flower girl dresses UK through the antique black and white photographs. The combination of light colored fabrics such as lace, organza, tulle, taffeta and silk chiffon was very popular during the 1920s-1950s. These mixed vintage dresses will create a unique vintage appeal for the flower girls and make them look lovelier.

cheap vintage flower girl dresses

If you are on a budget but still want to make the flower girls look vintage, then you should pay more attention to the cheap vintage flower girl dresses. Accessories also play an important role in a vintage look for flower girls and there are many ways to combine the vintage accessories with the vintage dresses perfectly. Short or long white lace gloves can make girls more vintage chic, brooches or bows pinned on the dresses are suitable for a vintage theme wedding and floppy hats will certainly make your flower girls look vintage.

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