Tips For Brides To Choose Wedding Dress

As a bride-to-be, you must care your wedding dress most. When do you need to choose a wedding dress and how to choose are both essential. Here are some suggestions as below.

Step 1: When to choose

Actually, you need to start purchasing your wedding dress 9-12 months earlier than your big day, since you need to allow 6 months for the try-on and alterations. Each customized dress needs to be made from start and the beautiful beading work on the dress is all hand-made. At that time, we also suggest you think more about the style of the wedding dress you like. The style is extremely important. Firstly, it must be the one you like most. Secondly, it needs to match your wedding theme and style. So we suggest you decide on the wedding spot and style first.

Step 2: Eight months before

It is time for you to start trying on the wedding dress. Booking the wedding store, trying on the dress you like, discussing with your bridesmaids, writing down the detailed information of the dress you like and going to another wedding store, all of which are really exciting and perfect, right Please also consider about the high heels height when you try the dress on, which must be long enough.
Step 3: Seven months before

You need to make a final decision on your bridal gown this month. Think well about the style, the price and etc. At the same time, you can also try on some matching accessories, like veils or wraps.
Step 4: Six months before

Start customizing your dress. If your measurements are not stable, just remember that the dress in a larger size is much easier to be changed into a smaller one. Don’t forget to confirm the finishing date. After getting your dreaming dress, you may start to collect all the accessories you need, like the jewelry, gloves, wraps, handbags and others.
Step 5: 3-5 weeks before

Try on your wedding dress each week to see whether it fits you well. You may need to move around when you wear the dress to check whether there is any other problem.

The final try-on 3 weeks before your big day is very important. If there is any problem, you may still have some time to fix it. All you do is to ensure the dress help you look perfect on your big day. Wish you a beautiful bride and a sweet marriage!

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