The Must-Have Item in Social Functions – Dresses

Even if 2012 is the doomsday, we need to be together. Just in this time, many couples choose to marry. So do you still worry about the dress for the following functions? Especially for the girls who have started working, a decent dress is a must-have item in the wardrobe. Here we have some recommendations:

The major choice is a dress with close fitting. A close fitting style of dress will show your figure very well. As for the fabric, it shall be not very light and thin, but it still needs to be elastic. The dress with flower decorations will help to show femininity of one girl.

The second choice is a little black dress. The strapless neckline can show your pretty neck figure very well. Black dress is also comfortable for matching necklace, earings and other accessories. If you want to be more shining, you may also make some adjustments on the dress, like the front-back asymmetrical dress.

The third choice is choosing a sexy dress. When having one dress like this, you may choose either to be sexy or not. Strapless or backless dress is always sexy. If you like sexy and graceful at the same time, you may simply add a matching wrap. For example, you may match a black wrap with a peach strapless short dress. The two colors will make the outfit not simple and it also adds a sense of maturity.

The final choice is a dress with printing. Of course, not all the printing will be suitable. You may consider about a memorable one, like the mould of buds, which may make the dress youthful. The empire dress style is also good since it will make you very slender. Why not get one dress like this?

All the above are our suggestions. It is not referring to any specific dress, but referring to some fashionable and amazing elements. Anyway, a dress is really a must-have for girls. Getting them prepared earlier, and then you will have no worry for social functions.

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